To Educate Individuals in Regards to Healthy Living and the Natural Prevention of Heart Disease and Diabetes


Strophantil capsules are made from the whole-grain seed without any additives

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Ouabain, Nature’s Perfect but Forgotten Remedy for Heart Disease

Could it be that the best treatment for heart disease was already discovered over 150 years ago, but nowadays even alternative medicine has forgotten about it?

If you or your loved ones face the challenge of heart problems, we think your worries will diminish after reading about ouabain G-Strophanthin and learn what it can do for you.

To Educate Individuals in Regards to Healthy Living and the Natural Prevention of Heart Disease and Diabetes

More than 99% of doctors no longer prescribe Strophanthin because they have not dealt with the topic of Strophanthin and are unfamiliar with it’s posibilities. Especially younger doctors have never heard of Strophanthin. Strophanthin has been prescribed by physicians for more than a hundred of years to hundreds of thousands of patients, with almost 99% success.

Our Capsules are using the whole grain seed

Although it is by far the best & most effective cardiovasular remedy, the claim of the teaching medicine is: It is ineffective, slightly toxic, there is better….

All that only because you cannot place a patent on Strophanthin! No patent means no big money for the pharma, hence the “bad” & “dangerous” reviews.

Our  capsules are made from the whole grain and we just add pharmaceutical lactose or certified organic bio rice starch.

No magnesium stearate or other hidden substances are added during the manufacturing process.


Strophanthin or originally Ouabain spoken: /wɑːˈbɑːɪn/[1] or /ˈwɑːbeɪn, ˈwæ-/ (Please view in Wikipedia) is a genus of flowering plants in the family Apocynaceae. It is native primarily to tropical Africa. It was discovered by accident in 1859 and later introduced in England by the famous physician and pharmacologist Sir Thomas Richard Fraser (Wikipepedia). It was over 100 years ago when Strophanthin was used intravenously by Professor Albert Fraenkel (Wikipedia), which set the milestone for an extremely beneficial cure for Angina pectoris. By 1910 the pharmaceutical German Company C. F. Boehringer & Soehne(Wikipedia) had already brought it on the market.

Although it is still by far the best and most effective cardiovascular, the claim of teaching medicine is:

A: it is ineffective       B: it´slighly toxic      C: there is better

All that only because you cannot place a patent on Strophanthin! No patent means no big money for the pharma, hence the “bad” & “dangerous” reviews.

The aim of this site is to collect a wide range of articles on the benefits of Ouabain


Please take some time and read it for yourself, or click directly on the facts page. In the small video you can see how the plant actually looks like.                 


Here is a short video where you can see How the Strophanthus Gratus plant actually looks.

G-Strophanthin in animals

In contrast to the use of strophanthin in humans, which is increasingly being displaced by the pharmaceutical industry, strophanthin is being rediscovered in animal treatment.

Because just like humans, Strophanthin can also be treated in animals heart failure.

In animals, an appropriate precaution against myocardial infarction and strokes with strophanthin can also be carried out. Because more and more animals, such as dogs and cats suffer unfortunately a heart failure or a heart attack or even apoplexy.

The efficacy of strophanthin is undisputed.

Also classic school physicians such as Professor Erland Erdmann (See Wikipedia) , founder of the heart center, the University of Cologne, cherish it , no doubt.

It can be used for heart attack prophylaxis and thus protected against a heart attack.

From experience, it is known that G-strophanthin & K-strophanthin are  compatible with all (heart) drugs, so one should not assume adverse interactions.

Since strophanthin produces far better results than typically prescribed heart remedies, strophanthin can reduce or eliminate its use.

However, you should never decide this on your own, but always have it clarified by a doctor well involved in the topic of “Strophanthin”!

The essence of this site is to clear up against the “badmouth” of Strophanthin but under no circumstances will replace a medical finding or advice!

Oubain G-Strophanthin, Strophantus welcome Strophantus Combe, may be a natural remedy for heart disease. Other known names include: Strophantine, Strophanthin, Strophantus welcome Strophantus welcome strodival, kombetin, nauseous, Acocantherine, Astrobain, Strophantil G-strophic, Strovidal, Gratibain free with Strophanthin, Kombetin, Purostrophan, Rectobaina, Solufantina, Strodival, Strovidal , Strophalen, Strophoperm, Strophosan, Uabaina, Uabanin, Estrofantina, Strophanthin mother tincture, Strophoral, Strovantil;

Dr.Thomas Cowan

The Real Story of Ouabain

March 22, 2017

Sadly, the story of ouabain, the active ingredient in the plant strophanthus, is largely and somewhat mysteriously unknown. Few family doctors, internists and even cardiologists know how to treat and treat heart attacks.

A book written by German Naturopath Rolf-Jurgen Petry called “Ouabain: The Possible Victory Over Myocardial Infarction,” is a solution to this vacuum of information. However, it’s available only in its original English. We’ve just posted an article titled “The Story of Ouabain,” which outlines the book’s main points. Dr. Petry became interested in the story of strophanthus / ouabain the other day ago, and after his medical training spent many years reading the original research done on ouabain. This article is a must-read for anyone interested in heart disease or the etiology, prevention and treatment of myocardial infarction (MI, commonly called “heart attacks”).