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Here are some general questions & answers about Ouabain, G – Strophanthin & Strophantus Gratus




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01 : The capsules are filled with lactose and I have a lactose allergy. Can I still take the capsules?

Yes, the capsules are made with the pharmaceutical-grade lactose monohydrate and the quantity is 220mg per capsule. The amount is so small that the body does not even perceive it in lactose intolerant individuals. Usually, intolerances occur when taking 12gr. Lactose and in some cases at 3gr. on. Upon request, we will gladly send you 20 capsules. *** More info at the bottom of this page  ***

02 : How is Ouabain, G-Strophanthin, Strophantus Gratus  taken?

There are several possible applications:

– Capsules, simply swallowed or open the capsules

(that’s why we used the easy-to-open capsule size 1). The powder which tastes bittersweet due to the lactose content under the tongue or between the teeth and lips and 5-6 minutes take the drug through the oral mucosa.

– Seeds: Just chew the seeds or prepare in a little solution. There are the seeds and a lot of information on:


– Original tincture,  efficient, but not suitable for sensitive people due to its alcohol content.


Animals do not tolerate alcohol, ie dogs, cats, horses, etc., which already have health problems, should not be given medication with alcohol.

Then rather take the time and make yourself a solution, or use our specially for animals designed capsules of 1mg G-Strophanthin. 

1) Hide them in a “treat” ( The best way in our opinion).

2) Drop the pill or capsule as far back over the tongue as possible, then immediately close the mouth and blow on the dog’s nose which will encourage her to swallow. If you are unable to get the pill far enough over the base of the tongue, the dog will spit it out.

03 : Dosage:

Taking Strophantus Gratus (Ouabain) capsules is easy.

The daily dose of 3-8 capsules a day 

Recommendation creep:

DAY in the morning at noon in the evening

1st day              – – 1 capsule

2nd day 1 capsule – 1 capsule

3rd day 1 capsule 1 capsule 1 capsule

4th day 1 capsule 1 capsule 1 capsule

5th day 2 capsules 1 capsule 2 capsules

Day 6 2 capsules 2 capsules 2  capsules

Generally take 1-2 capsules 2-4 times daily on an empty stomach. 

Attention: Low blood potassium and magnesium levels increase the effect of G-Strophanthine. Please read the instructions for use of other medicines, adjust accordingly and check if necessary.

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05 : Where is my shipment?


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06 : Return & Refund

Due to the nature of the product we do not accept any opened products.

Return of opened products.

We will refund the full amount including shipping upon receipt of the unopened goods.

The shipment from you back to us will not be refunded.

If there are no goods in stock at the moment, we will announce it on the website. In this case, we offer a full refund of the amount paid.

07 : Lactose intolerance (lactose intolerance): therapy, self-help Article of the Pharmacy Survey:

Lactose arm is often enough:

Fact: Anyone who wants to avoid indigestion due to lactose intolerance should consume as little milk sugar as possible. In fact, many sufferers get along quite well with small amounts of lactose: about ten to twelve grams per single dose, consumed together with other appropriate foods or distributed throughout the day. It then suffices to adjust the diet accordingly. This also means that a so-called lactose-free diet is often not necessary. Sometimes, however, the limit can be significantly lower, such as less than one to five grams of lactose a day ……

Here the whole article in German, so you will need to put translate into the browser and it will come up in English: