Strophantil 3mg 3 x 100 capsules | TIME RELEASE enteric-coated




Strophantil 3 x 100 capsules

 3x 100 capsules with 3 mg 100% Natural Ouabain ( G-Strophanthin)
100% natural Ouabain Filler: 100% organic rice starch
Without lactose or sugars!

The shells are enteric-coated Gastro resistant



This new capsules combine the most modern delivery option. The aim of this capsules is to bypass the stomach (enteric coating)and be released in the small intestines. For this they have a 2 hour time delay (additional coating in case the stomach ph is different to normal) to even bypass the slowest stomach movement. Think about the release delay of 2 hours!!

The shells of the capsules are very strong, so please always take 2 capsules with you and in any need of stress or if you feel like you need it straight away, just open 2 capsules manually, let the powder dissolve directly in the mouth for 5-6 minutes and then swallow it. This way it will be absorbed directly, you can´t overdose.